Monday, August 30, 2004

Whitest. Convention. Ever.

How to innoculate yourself against an expected accusation for something you're doing

...accuse your opponent of it first!

Link (from Seeing The Forest)

About that "first and fourth most liberal" tag

...that the Republicans love to pin on Kerry and Edwards...

National Journal, who came up with those rating in the first place (mostly as a result of votes missed while campaigning), checks in with an explanation, and more realistic lifetime ratings.

Indymedia harrassed by Secret Service?


Gov't Attempts Subpoena For Indymedia Logs - Service Provider Refuses

BREAKING NEWS: The FBI and the US Secret Service is again engaging in a fishing expedition to route out dissenting viewpoints, harass people who are simply exercising their free speech rights, and intimidate others from exercising their right to protest in connection with the Republican National Convention. To quote one indymedia volunteer, regarding New York Indymedia:

"It has come to my attention, that our hosting provider, Calyx Internet Access, has been under harassment and scrutiny by the United States Secret Service in a blatant attempt to disrupt our relationship. Furthermore, it has been revealed to me that my contact information, was required to be disclosed to the government, presumably to begin directly harassing me. The SS did not contact the IMC directly in relation to this matter, but instead felt it prudent to put a strain on a place which we do business with. The agents attempted to circumvent Indymedia by contacting Calyx by phone, originally without a warrant or subpoena, in order to obtain user connection logs regarding a particular post on an Indymedia site. The post in question is a repost by an anonymous person containing information that is already available all over the Internet, and publicly available in other forms."

And the winner of the nerdiest RNC protest sign is...

Federal officials curtail charter school data / Education office cites 'technical,' financial reasons

Article Here

Bush supports program. Data shows program fails. Bush hides data. Rinse and repeat.

Moonie Paper objects to big money in politics (via See The Forest)

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Believe it Or Not...

...the government redacts completely innocuous material from official documents, solely because they don't like it!

The Memory Hole :: Justice Department Censors Supreme Court Quote

Well, whaddyaknow...

Saturday, August 28, 2004

You have no right to know about the video entitled "The Public's Right To Know".

Story here

No, this is not an old episode of M*A*S*H.

This involves a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) training video for US Army officials. Apparently, the video contains clips from espionage-style movies. Someone said "Casablanca" is in there, but that can't be confirmed because the clips have been redacted.

Garrison Keillor - seriously, read the whole thing


The party of Lincoln and Liberty was transmogrified into the party of hairy-backed swamp developers and corporate shills, faith-based economists, fundamentalist bullies with Bibles, Christians of convenience, freelance racists, misanthropic frat boys, shrieking midgets of AM radio, tax cheats, nihilists in golf pants, brownshirts in pinstripes, sweatshop tycoons, hacks, fakirs, aggressive dorks, Lamborghini libertarians, people who believe Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk was filmed in Roswell, New Mexico, little honkers out to diminish the rest of us, Newt’s evil spawn and their Etch-A-Sketch president, a dull and rigid man suspicious of the free flow of information and of secular institutions, whose philosophy is a jumble of badly sutured body parts trying to walk. Republicans: The No.1 reason the rest of the world thinks we’re deaf, dumb and dangerous.

Tom Tomorrow: The undecided voter

This about sums it up.

Foghataboutit - it was a bizarre story while it lasted

Looks like US News & World Report got it wrong.

Link to NY Post article:

"Foghat are not supporters of George Bush, and we're certainly not going on the road with him."

The Equivalent Bush Smear

MyDD :: The Equivalent Bush Smear

Peteco at MyDD has an interesting idea:

Find Vietnam veterans who applied to TANG but were turned away. It doesn't have to be at the same time as Bush applied, but that would be a nice bonus. They need to have served in Vietnam, preferably in the worst parts. If there are also dead in the same application group as Bush, collect those too, maybe mind a mother of one of them.

Next, run an ad somewhere with said veterans attacking Bush for using connections to get a spot in the TANG. More qualified people were passed over and sent to die, couldn't skip out to go 'work' on a campaign, etc. Attack for his failure to even serve fully in the TANG, while others completed their service in Vietnam.

Philadelphia gets Al Franken Show and Randi Rhodes Show


On WHAT, 1340AM, starting Monday.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Well, I guess the war was worth it


See, before we came and liberated them, there was nowhere in Baghdad to get a decent tattoo.

Yee haw!

Propaganda Remix Project

How to score at the RNC convention


Print it out and stuff it in that leather briefcase next to your Halliburton check -- here are Mr. Sun's foolproof instructions on how to score with the ladies at the Republican convention.

Bush Administration continues trend of providing bad economic news on Friday

Homeland Insecurity

James Randi gives us his take on Ted Kennedy's recent troubles at airports.

Just how silly can the enforcement of security get?

Thanks For The Visual, Guys

Daily Kos :: Cheers and Jeers: FRIDAY!

JEERS to Log Cabin Republicans. Give it up, guys. The GOP has adopted a platform that tells gays and lesbians to drop dead, and LCR's Christopher Barron whines: "You can't craft a vicious, mean-spirited platform and then try to put lipstick on the pig by putting Rudy Giuliani and Arnold Schwarzenegger on in prime time." It reminds us of when your 'cool' big brother says you can join his treehouse club, but only if you eat his and his friends' boogers---but then you eat their boogers and they still won't let you join their treehouse club. So you fetch the gas can from the garage and use it to burn his treehouse down. Then it's 5 years in juvenile det... Look, the point is: We must stop eating the GOP's boogers.

Word to the Wise: don't sell your vote on EBay

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Scott McClellan Talking Points Watch

Link (from Wonkette)

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan has a habit of repeating things. Here's some quotes from today's briefing:

And the President said he wanted to work together to pursue court action to shut down all the ads and activity by these shadowy 527 groups. . . .The President thought we got rid of all of this kind of shadowy activity when he signed the campaign finance reforms into law. . .. And so the President reached out to Senator McCain to say, let's work together and pursue court action to shut down all of this activity by these shadowy groups. . . .The President condemns all the ads and activity by these shadowy groups. . . All, all the ads and activity by the shadowy groups. That would include everything that these shadowy groups are involved in. . . The President wants Senator Kerry to join us in calling for a stop to all of the ads and activity by these shadowy groups. The President has condemned all of this activity by these shadowy groups. . . And so the President looks forward to working with Senator McCain to pursue court action to shut down all of this activity by these shadowy groups.

This was almost as good as his August 9th performance:

Iraq is a sovereign nation now. They're moving forward on building a free and peaceful and stable future.

And as we move forward on capturing or bringing to justice al Qaeda members, we need to keep that in mind.

First of all, the economy is moving forward. The latest employment report was one of many indicators that shows that the economy is moving forward.

The economy is moving forward, and we're not turning back.

The President was pleased to go and speak to the UNITY Conference and talk to them about his record in office and his agenda moving forward.

And he was pleased to go there and talk about that, and talk about his agenda as we move forward and build upon that record.

He said that he would be moving forward on [the 9/11 Comm. recommendations] in the coming days with some presidential directives. There's no update at this point, in terms of those directives, but we are continuing to move forward in a quick and responsible manner. We have already moved forward in one way or another on 36 of 41 of the 9/11 Commission's recommendations. And we are continuing to move forward on the additional recommendations that build upon the reforms that this administration has already put in place.

So we've made significant strides, and the President welcomes these recommendations and we're continuing to move forward in a quick and responsible manner. It's important that we carefully and seriously consider these recommendations and how we implement them as we move forward. And we'll be working with Congress closely on that. Members of Congress are already moving forward on it, as well.

I said, he believes this is the right policy and he's committed to continuing to move forward on exploring the promise and potential of stem cell research.

And so he came up with this well thought out policy [on stem cells] that allowed the federal government to move forward for the first time.

Our economy is moving forward, but there's more work to do.

And the President will be moving forward with more details about [the National Intelligence Director] as we work through some of the specifics.

And the international community recognizes that we cannot afford to let Iran move forward on a nuclear -- on building nuclear weapons.

[W]e're working very closely with Pakistan as we move forward to defeat the enemies and defeat the terrorists that are in Pakistan and along that Afghan-Pakistan border.

Swift Yacht Vets for Bush... have you seen this yet?

Heterosexual Pride Parade in NC

Heterosexual Pride Parade Link

Apparently these folks are very proud of being heterosexual. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) OK, I admit it, I'm heterosexual as well, but I didn't ever see a need to have a parade bragging about it.

Video: Daily Show - John Kerry Interview

Pig Farmers For Truth! (via Eschaton)


BREAKING, from 'Another Bruce':

I swear that I witnessed George W. Bush having carnal relations with a swine. I am willing to sign an affadavit stating so.

I can now appear in commercials stating. "I am a pig farmer. While at a campaign stop in Iowa. George Bush attacked one of my sows. George Bush is a pigf****r. I know, because I was there."

Soon I will appear on the cable news shows. The Washington Post will dutifully report on my claims, because, it will not judge my credibility. I will be appointed to be a federal judge by the Kerry administration. My career path is set. Bring it on.

...developing, on the front page of the Washington Post, tomorrow!

This is going to be a great blog