Saturday, October 30, 2004

Blogger "anniesj" visited by the Secret Service

This was the offending post that brought the attention of Secret Service agents.

anniesj: a word to the wise

E Street Veterans for Truth


Roger Ailes

Friday, October 29, 2004

Medium Lobster: "Listen to the words of the mass murderer, and re-elect the man who let him go."

"Today, the election has been decided. Today, all has been made clear. The words of the world's greatest terrorist have made it clear: we must re-elect the man who failed to catch him, so he may continue to let him roam free."

Fafblog! the whole worlds only source for Fafblog.

Billmon sticks his head out of the ground

Supreme Court Justices' betting pool - on Presidential elections!

In final hours, Bush mailings display images of burning World Trade Center

Who is the Party of Smaller Government?


Angry Bear

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Give Bush a Brain Game

Red state blues

Via Yglesias:

People in dark red states are 51% more likely to commit suicide than people in dark blue states...

Sparkgrass Community: Politics: fun with statistics

Let's take a look at what the polls looked like this day in 2000

Especially Gallup.

Election HQ


BeldarBlog: The real dirt on John Kerry and his family

...And his daughter is a thespian!

BeldarBlog: The real dirt on John Kerry and his family

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Katherine Harris's Car Trouble - October 27, 2004

Good example of how *not* to win the election.

Katherine Harris's Car Trouble - October 27, 2004

Startling Change in Educational Background and Voting Preference

From The Volokh Conspiracy:

The Wall Street Journal notes a remarkable shift in an article today on page A4
(subscription required). In 2000, those with a high-school diploma or less
preferred Gore to Bush by 7 percentage points, and those who graduated college
preferred Bush to Gore by 5 percentage points. That is in keeping with what had
been a longstanding education gap -- college graduates have tended to vote for
the Republican candidate more (and for the Democratic candidate less), and the
reverse has been true for those who didn't complete college. (Those who went to
graduate school have tended to prefer Democratic candidates, but the Wall Street
Journal doesn't separate out those numbers in its story today.)

But in the polling for 2004, those with a high-school diploma or less prefer Bush 57%
to 38%, and those with a college degree prefer Kerry by 14 percentage points.
That's quite a shift (to put it mildly).

The Volokh Conspiracy

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Denver Post gets 700 letters in response to their endorsement of Bush. All against it.

You Forgot

Monday, October 25, 2004

Kerry is up in Rasmussen daily tracking poll for the first time since August

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Cleveland Plain Dealer Backs Kerry, Publisher Overrules Them

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Fafblog's endorsement of G.W. Bush

"Indeed, in time it may become possible that the distance between President Bush's ideas and his reality becomes so vast that he achieves pure abstraction - so that he himself is an idea..."

Well, I thought it was amusing, anyway.

Fafblog! the whole worlds only source for Fafblog. The Real Story on George Bush's "Wolves" Commercial

Friday, October 22, 2004

Jesse Ventura endorses Kerry

MyDD :: We Didn't Want the Liar

In the comments of this MyDD Blog entry, SlapMaxwell presents "Dubya's Legacy".

Dubya's Legacy

Sloppy fielding, hitting's disdain,
Trade that guy Sammy for a washed up Harold Baine,
Decisions like this set him one step above,
Those poor dumb bastard Texans, who then made him their Gov,

The right wing conservatives all giggled with glee,
When in a falsetto voice he mocked "Pleeeeese don't kill meeee,"
The GOP figured this "Christian reborn",
Could help out their party, then tattered and torn,
If the Bible belt liked him and gave him a push,
The next redneck president could be George W. Bush.

His daddy's old cronies accomplished their mission,
When he lost the election but won the decision,
Pat Robertson cried, "This man's got the right stuff,
He'll put religion in government if I pay him enough!
If only a Justice would hurry and die,
So Dubya can replace him with my kind of guy."

That first year while evil brewed foul in our nation,
George Dubya played golf and took lots of vacations,
Once attacked though our leader was through with all that,
Though assaulted by Saudi's, he then blew up Iraq.

So what if our factories have slowed their production,
We've found all those weapons, of mass destruction.
We didn't? Oh well, hey look over here,
Remember me? I once bought you a beer,
With that money from surplus, I don't mean to gloat,
Ya know, it's not like I did it, to buy your vote.

I met that committee... but then only "to visit",
Brought Cheney with me. That ain't bad, is it?
It's him and me gave you the Patriot Act,
Your freedom's expendable, that's part of our pact.
So elect me again, and I'll keep these powers,
To kill them Iraqi's that blew up the Twin Towers.
I'm a uniter not divider, but why, if that's my lore,
Is this country more divided than it's been since the civil war.

MyDD :: We Didn't Want the Liar

Triumph reports from Spin Alley

Triumph Clip

(UPDATE) A better location than the above, and also with the Ann Coulter pie throwing video:


Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mary Cheney milk carton

Enjoy The Draft

94 Reasons NOT to vote for George W. Bush

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Pandagon: I Can't Take This Shit Anymore

Pandagon is on a roll today.

Pandagon: I Can't Take This Shit Anymore

Of course not! Don't be silly! There isn't going to be a draft! Ha ha, we are laughing because the idea is soooo silly!

Pandagon is right on the money

For these guys, the War on Terror has taken on the glint of Hollywood.

Pandagon: Schoolyard Leaders

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

How voting for Bush is similar to a beaten woman staying with her abuser

WorkingForChange-This Modern World: Channel surfing

Click pic for larger version

Marijuana 'petition' actually voter registration form

Jon Stewart comments on his Crossfire appearance (video)

Pandagon: Historicize My Polls, Dammit!

Pandagon takes a look at the polls in context of the polls that were taken this time in the 2000 election cycle.

Pandagon: Historicize My Polls, Dammit!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Check out the amusing Customer Reviews for Bill O'Reilly's new book

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Film: "Asshole"

Seen on a message board post

Top twenty states ranked by mobile homes as a percentage of total housing. I've taken the liberty of adding who is currently in the lead in that state according to

South Carolina - Bush
New Mexico - Bush
West Virginia - Bush
Mississippi - Bush
North Carolina - Bush
Alabama - Bush
Wyoming - Bush
Arkansas - Bush
Montana - Bush
Kentucky - Bush
Arizona - Bush
Louisiana - Bush
Idaho - Bush
Georgia - Bush
Florida - Bush
South Dakota - Bush
Delaware - Kerry
Tennessee - Bush
Oklahoma - Bush
Oregon - Kerry

Woohoo! Bush wins the mobile home states by a margin of 18-2!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Here's a site for those who want to see GW Bush say "Internets".

IFILM - Short Films: Jon Stewart's Brutal Exchange with CNN Host

Here's the video of the Jon Stewart interview on Crossfire:

IFILM - Short Films: Jon Stewart's Brutal Exchange with CNN Host

Friday, October 15, 2004

Jon Stewart on CNN's Crossfire: this is f'ing great

Daily Kos :: BREAKING: Rove testifies before Plame grand jury!

And the dirty tricks begin

Someone has borrowed the Fark theme about "Arguing on the Internet" and made it about "Voting for Bush".

But apparently, it was some Tennessee Republicans, in an attempt to smear Tennessee Democrat Craig Fitzhugh.

The Washington Note Archives

"Seeing The Forest" has a rule

And that is, when Republicans are accusing others of something it usually means it's something they are doing themselves.

Seeing The Forest - They're At It Again!

In case you didn't see 'Nightline' last night

falaphilia: An abnormal fondness for being in the presence of middle eastern foods.

Fuzzy Math

Fuzzy Math is a music video, the song was created from a database of 15,000 audio samples of George W Bush.

Fuzzy Math - Presented by Flash Player

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Seymour Hersh:

I got a call last week from a soldier -- it's different now, a lot of communication, 800 numbers. He's an American officer and he was in a unit halfway between Baghdad and the Syrian border. It's a place where we claim we've done great work at cleaning out the insurgency. He was a platoon commander. First lieutenant, ROTC guy.
It was a call about this. He had been bivouacing outside of town with his platoon. It was near, it was an agricultural area, and there was a granary around. And the guys that owned the granary, the Iraqis that owned the granary... It was an area that the insurgency had some control, but it was very quiet, it was not Fallujah. It was a town that was off the mainstream. Not much violence there. And his guys, the guys that owned the granary, had hired, my guess is from his language, I wasn't explicit -- we're talking not more than three dozen, thirty or so guards. Any kind of work people were dying to do. So Iraqis were guarding the granary. His troops were bivouaced, they were stationed there, they got to know everybody...

They were a couple weeks together, they knew each other. So orders came down from the generals in Baghdad, we want to clear the village, like in Samarra. And as he told the story, another platoon from his company came and executed all the guards, as his people were screaming, stop. And he said they just shot them one by one. He went nuts, and his soldiers went nuts. And he's hysterical. He's totally hysterical. And he went to the captain. He was a lieutenant, he went to the company captain. And the company captain said, "No, you don't understand. That's a kill. We got thirty-six insurgents."

You read those stories where the Americans, we take a city, we had a combat, a hundred and fifteen insurgents are killed. You read those stories. It's shades of Vietnam again, folks, body counts...

You know what I told him? I said, fella, I said: you've complained to the captain. He knows you think they committed murder. Your troops know their fellow soldiers committed murder. Shut up. Just shut up. Get through your tour and just shut up. You're going to get a bullet in the back. You don't need that. And that's where we are with this war.

A Tiny Revolution: Uh Oh

Dred Scott = Roe v. Wade hits the mainstream media

Politics & More - Crack The Bell - Frenchie!

George Bush's tailor is French?

Politics & More - Crack The Bell - Frenchie!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Campaign Extra!: Just when you thought it couldn't get worse

I can't believe I'm reading this:

The Bush administration will delay major assaults on rebel-held cities in Iraq until after U.S. elections in November, say administration officials, mindful that large-scale military offensives could affect the U.S. presidential race.

Campaign Extra!: Just when you thought it couldn't get worse

Sunday, October 10, 2004

AMERICAblog presents: Furious George

Body and Soul: Happy Birthday, John

This picture, which I saw on the Body And Soul blog, was from the "Going Upriver" documentary.

John Lennon would have turned 64 yesterday.

Body and Soul: Happy Birthday, John

More on Dred Scott and abortion

The Skins factor

Silly but true.

The outcome of Washington Redskins football games has correctly predicted the winner of every U.S. presidential election since 1936.

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Sports (Winning Tradition)

Seen on the "My Left Brain" blog

For those who just can't get enough math in their election analysis

This is the site for you. (Terrific stuff, actually).

Meta-Analysis of State Polls

Saturday, October 09, 2004

For those who didn't understand what it meant when Bush said "Battling Green Eyeshades"

"Green Eyeshades" was slang for "Accountants."

I probably should have known that...

Dred Scott is code for Roe v. Wade in Right-To-Lifer-Speak

You see, Pro-Lifers think that the Dred Scott decision saying that blacks are not citizens is the same logic as saying the unborn are not citizens...yada yada yada and so on.

So they knew what Bush was really saying when he brought Dred Scott up yesterday. It wasn't a bizarre Bushism at all but a calculated statement to his base.

Paperwight's Fair Shot: Dred Scott = Roe v. Wade

More at Daily Kos

McCord: Bush "Internets" Not Misspeak!

Gallup calls the debate a draw Polling Data for 2004 Elections: By State

This beats Real Clear Politics... I can get the results I want to see without the fascist spin. Polling Data for 2004 Elections: By State

eBay item 3845089354 (Ends Oct-11-04 19:57:05 PDT) - NOW! BUY SOME WOOD ON THE INTERNETS! CHEAP!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Bush aides admit: Bush stoking fears of terrorism for political gain

Is Bush Wired?

Is Bush Wired?

Is that a large bulge in the back of your jacket (or are you just happy to see me)?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Florida Election Ballot

Florida Election Ballot

With Jeb leading the way, Floridians can be confident that their votes for Bush will count.

Monday, October 04, 2004

How Bush Did

How Bush Did

Amazing five minute condensed version of the debate.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Look who's blogging now!

You forgot something.

Elmer Befuddled

From AMERICAblog.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Bush's debate notes revealed!