Friday, October 22, 2004

MyDD :: We Didn't Want the Liar

In the comments of this MyDD Blog entry, SlapMaxwell presents "Dubya's Legacy".

Dubya's Legacy

Sloppy fielding, hitting's disdain,
Trade that guy Sammy for a washed up Harold Baine,
Decisions like this set him one step above,
Those poor dumb bastard Texans, who then made him their Gov,

The right wing conservatives all giggled with glee,
When in a falsetto voice he mocked "Pleeeeese don't kill meeee,"
The GOP figured this "Christian reborn",
Could help out their party, then tattered and torn,
If the Bible belt liked him and gave him a push,
The next redneck president could be George W. Bush.

His daddy's old cronies accomplished their mission,
When he lost the election but won the decision,
Pat Robertson cried, "This man's got the right stuff,
He'll put religion in government if I pay him enough!
If only a Justice would hurry and die,
So Dubya can replace him with my kind of guy."

That first year while evil brewed foul in our nation,
George Dubya played golf and took lots of vacations,
Once attacked though our leader was through with all that,
Though assaulted by Saudi's, he then blew up Iraq.

So what if our factories have slowed their production,
We've found all those weapons, of mass destruction.
We didn't? Oh well, hey look over here,
Remember me? I once bought you a beer,
With that money from surplus, I don't mean to gloat,
Ya know, it's not like I did it, to buy your vote.

I met that committee... but then only "to visit",
Brought Cheney with me. That ain't bad, is it?
It's him and me gave you the Patriot Act,
Your freedom's expendable, that's part of our pact.
So elect me again, and I'll keep these powers,
To kill them Iraqi's that blew up the Twin Towers.
I'm a uniter not divider, but why, if that's my lore,
Is this country more divided than it's been since the civil war.

MyDD :: We Didn't Want the Liar


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